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Scannerz and Scannerz-Lite can be run on normally configured systems using Mac OS X versions 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), and 10.9 (Mavericks) using supported Intel or PowerPC processors using drives with SATA, IDE, FireWire, most Thunderbolt, and USB 2.0 (or greater) drive interfaces.  Both Scannerz and Scannerz-Lite are fully capable of handling Core Storage components, including  full volume encryption using File Vault 2 under Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks, multi-drive/volume virtual volumes using Core Storage, support for Apple RAID, support for most implementations of hardware RAID, and limited support for third party software RAID implementations.
Scannerz and Scannerz-Lite does not support or should not be used with any of the following types of devices:
               1. USB 1.0 or 1.1 devices.
               2. Network drives.
               3. Drives connected via Xsan or SAN
               4. Optical drives of any type
               5. Old hard drives using MFM and many SCSI interfaces
               6. Drive formats not natively supported by MacOS
Drive formats not natively supported by MacOS may be readable and testable using our tools, we just can't guarantee it.
What is Scannerz?
Scannerz is a hard drive, SSD, and system testing tool. Scannerz uses a much more sophisticated scan technology than other drive testing products commercially available for Macintosh systems. With Scannerz, a user can identify not only bad sectors or blocks on a hard drive or SSD, it can also be used to help identify other system problems that often act like drive problems, such as bad SATA or I/O cables.
Scannerz comes in the following three packages:
  1.    Scannerz with Performance Probe 2, Phoenix, and FSE for Mac OS X
  2.    Scannerz with Performance Probe 2, Phoenix, and FSE-Lite for Mac OS X
  3.    Scannerz Lite
The Scannerz packages that includes Performance Probe 2, Phoenix, and FSE or FSE-Lite, are referred to as the fully featured versions of the product, whereas Scannerz Lite is a less sophisticated subset of the fully featured version. A comparison between Scannerz and Scannerz Lite is addressed further down in this page.
With one of the fully featured versions of Scannerz, you can:
  1.    Detect bad sectors/blocks on a hard drive or SSD.
  2.    Detect weak sectors on a hard drive.
  3.    Automatically diagnose problems with Scannerz new Diagnostics Mode.
  4.    Identify emerging system or drive related performance problems before they become serious.
  5.    Isolate external and internal cable problems.
  6.    Isolate certain logic board faults associated with the computers I/O subsystem.
  7.    Test the systems RAM and main CPU bus.
  8.    Using Performance Probe, isolate performance problems  in detail that may mimic drive problems.
  9.    Using Phoenix, create emergency boot volumes and do basic drive cloning and data recovery.
  10.    Using FSE or FSE-Lite, identify excessive drive access often caused by background (hidden) processes
The additional tools found in the fully featured versions of Scannerz are briefly described as follows:
Performance Probe 2 - Sometimes a problem may be occurring in a system that may mimic a hard drive problem, when in fact it's being caused by application problems or excessive system loading. Performance Probe 2 can help isolate these problems by exposing system resource use and performing load monitoring. More information on this product may be found by clicking HERE (use your back button to return here.)
Phoenix - Phoenix is a tool that will allow you to extract your core operating system from an existing boot drive and install it and test tools onto an auxiliary device, such as an external hard drive or a USB flash drive. This can come in handy for diagnosing problems when the main drive is having problems. It's also capable of performing basic volume cloning operations, and can clone through a damaged volume and copy as much data as can still be read. More information on this product may be found by clicking HERE (use your back button to return here.)
FSE or FSE-Lite - FSE and FSE-Lite are file system events monitors. These can be used to monitor file system activity in the event a background process or other application are making excessive use of your drive, making it behave in a sluggish manner. FSE is fully configurable, whereas FSE-Lite is not. More information on this product may be obtained by clicking HERE (use your back button to return here.)
From Simple Drive Tests, to Complex Troubleshooting, Scannerz Does it All
Scannerz uses the most advanced diagnostics in the world to check your hard drive while being easy to use. Typical users will find the drive evaluation process easy to use and understand. All you need to do to test a drive or volume is click on it in the user interface and start a test. We recommend using Scannerz or Scannerz Lite on a monthly basis so you can identify problems before they become serious, possibly even crashing your system. Advanced users will find Scannerz advanced diagnostics configuration and troubleshooting capabilities invaluable. Click HERE to see a tutorial on Scannerz basic operation. Click HERE to learn more about Scannerz advanced capabilities.
System Requirements
Both Scannerz and Scannerz Lite can detect not only errors, but irregularities. Irregularities often occur when a drive or a subsystem component is in the process of developing problems. Scannerz and Scannerz Lite are the only commercially available tools on the market with this type of detection capability.
The fully featured release of Scannerz performs drive profiling, which can help the user clearly identify and head off problems related to a drive before they become serious by monitoring the historical performance of the drive and generating reports at the end of each test to indicate the current status of the drive. It also has three test modes named  Normal Mode, Diagnostics Mode, and Cursory Mode. Typically, you click on a few buttons to set up a test in Normal Mode, and if Scannerz finds problems or possible developing problems, it quickly evaluates them using Diagnostics Mode. A Diagnostics Mode test is fully configurable allowing the user automatically re-evaluate and thoroughly analyze problems. Both Diagnostics and Cursory mode tests can be manually configured by the user to run customized tests and perform advanced troubleshooting if needed.
Scannerz Lite, on the other hand, is a fairly simple and straight forward tool. It does a test over an entire drive or volume, and when complete it simply informs the user what the status is. There is no option to perform diagnostics or limited scans over suspected problematic regions, there is no logging window, and there is none of the drive profiling and analysis available with the fully featured version of Scannerz. Scannerz Lite provides a quick, easy, and low cost solution for someone that simply wants to ensure their system and drive are operating properly.
Purchasing Scannerz
To purchase one of the  Scannerz packages, click on the Buy Scannerz Now button below.
   $21.95 For Scannerz Lite    
   $39.95 For Scannerz with Performance Probe 2, Phoenix, and FSE-Lite,
   $49.95 For a Scannerz with Performance Probe 2, Phoenix, and FSE, combined bundle (save $9.95)
Scannerz has been designed to perform all these tasks, and yet be easy to use. Click on the camera icon to the right to see some screen captures of Scannerz in action!
The Most Advanced Drive and SSD Scanning Available
Other testing tools on the market simply look for bad sectors and blocks by detecting I/O errors. Unfortunately, an  I/O error can be caused by a faulty drive or SSD as well as cable and system problems. Scannerz doesn't simply look for I/O errors, it can detect both errors and timing irregularities. Timing irregularities are often signs of an existing problem that other products simply don't detect. Scannerz re-evaluates any possible problems during a Diagnostics Mode test automatically and lets you know the true nature of the problem.
Catch Problems Before they Occur
Scannerz can detect problems that are in the initial phases of development that other products costing three times as much often miss. Why wait for a catastrophic failure to occur if Scannerz can detect the problem before it becomes serious?
Test When You Want To
Scannerz allows you to stop, start, and resume a test when you want to. You don't need to tie your system down for hours on end just to test a drive.
Core Storage Support and RAID Support
All versions of Scannerz now have full support for Core Storage volumes available in Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks, as well as full support for Apple RAID and most hardware implemented versions of RAID. All versions can perform tests on multi-drive/volume logical volumes under Mountain Lion and Mavericks, and fully encrypted Core Storage volumes and drives in Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks without the need for a remotely mounted drive or bootable volume.
Identify Bottlenecks That Can Act Like Drive Problems
If you're having problems and evaluate your system using Scannerz and find you have no drive or system problems, you don't need to just "throw in the towel" and give up! Performance Probe 2 and FSE or FSE-Lite may very well be able to tell you just exactly why you're having problems. That's why we included them!
Use Phoenix for Emergency Testing, Cloning, and Salvaging a Drive
Phoenix, which now comes with all releases of the fully featured version of Scannerz can extract the core operating system from a working volume and create an emergency boot drive, called a “Phoenix Boot Volume.” This can be used to launch Scannerz or any other system tools for testing in the event the main hard drive has failed. You can also re-install the operating system without the need for media, and clone one volume to another. If a drive is damaged but still readable, Phoenix can extract the recoverable files during a clone operation on a bad drive to another drive allowing you to recover what can be recovered.
Scannerz and Scannerz Lite Differences
Scannerz Lite does not include Performance Probe 2, Phoenix, or FSE/FSE-Lite. The following table illustrates the differences between Scannerz and Scannerz Lite, as well as how they compare to other products on the market. A brief write up underneath the table spells out the differences.