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Here at Software and Computer Systems Company (SCSC) we like troubleshooting hardware and performance problems. That's what we've decided to specialize in. We offer software products to help you find out what's wrong with your system. We also have a How-To and Downloads section that have been growing with more and more articles to help you deal with your problems free of charge. Scroll down to see our offerings!
Our tools are generally low cost compared to others. Why? Because we've decided to focus on developing products that address the specific needs of the majority of users and keep the price low. If you want to test your system for bad blocks or sectors on an SSD or hard drive, and that's all you want to do, why spend $100 for another tool that includes a lot of features you'll never use?
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Scannerz, for Dealing with Hard Drive and System Problems
Hard drive and system problems can frequently be the root of many performance problems, as well as system crashes and data loss. If something is going wrong with your system, you may suddenly find yourself without access to the things you need the most. To address these concerns, we offer Scannerz.
Scannerz is a hard drive, SSD, and system analysis tool. Unlike other tools on the market, Scannerz is focused solely on testing hardware. With Scannerz, you can detect not only bad sectors and blocks on hard drives and SSDs, you can also detect weak sectors on drives, which can be every bit as problematic as a failed sector. Scannerz is the only product on the market with this capability. With the new Diagnostics Mode, you can test both internal and external cables and find faults and problems without disassembling a unit. Additionally, the new Memory and System Bus testing option can help isolate problems that are system bus related as well as evaluate your system memory.
Scannerz is the most advanced drive and system analysis tool commercially available for Mac OS X systems. If you suspect your hard drive, SSD, or system may have problems, or you want to be able to detect problems before they become serious, then Scannerz is the product you want.  The full version of Scannerz also includes Phoenix, FSE or FSE-Lite, and Performance Probe which are described below.   Click Here to Learn More...
FSE, When Malware, Intruders, or Over Active Apps are a Problem
Misbehaving applications, malware, and intruders leave their "fingerprints" on the file system. Sometimes, a malicious application or a file downloaded from an untrustworthy source may "hide" files on your system using "official" looking names, but there's nothing  "official" about them. Very often they're compressed files that, when triggered, will uncompress and re-install themselves on a users system time and time again.
To address this sort of problem, we offer FSE, the advanced file system events monitor to help you find the culprit. FSE is a user configurable file system events monitor intended for advanced users, system administrators, security personnel, and software developers. FSE allows a user to not only monitor all file system events, but can also target the occurrence of specific file system events such as system or application crashes, security problems, the causes of excessive file I/O, track and trace the source of malware, and a host of other tasks. Click Here to Learn More...
Performance Probe, To Track Down Performance Problems
When your system is experiencing performance problems, that once speedy unit may start running about as slow as a turtle. Mac's come with a great application named Activity Monitor,  but it's generally a full screen application and it can be at times, cumbersome to use. Additionally, with the introduction of Mavericks, tracking memory consumption used by applications can be considerably more difficult.
Performance Probe is an operating system tool that can identify how heavily loaded your system is - it's like an abbreviated version of Activity Monitor.  Performance Probe uses the "old style" memory usage pie charts found in earlier versions of the Activity Monitor, making it easy to track memory consumption in real time. However, Performance Probe doesn't stop there. It is not limited to reporting on free memory, free disk space, or simple CPU use. Performance Probe launches threads, known as “timing probes” that measure system response times. By monitoring the response times from the probes, Performance Probe can tell you how heavily loaded your system is in real time. If you suffer from mysterious performance problems, Performance Probe is for you. Click Here to Learn More...
Phoenix, for Creating Boot Volumes and Performing Basic Cloning
at a Very Low Cost!
It happens to everyone. The system that was working fine one day now won't boot. Be prepared by creating an emergency boot volume of the full, core operating system with Phoenix. Phoenix can extract the core operating system from your working hard drive and copy it to an emergency boot drive, or any other drive, including a small USB flash drive. Creating a Phoenix Boot Volume can often be done in less time than it takes to download a new operating system image. This product is also ideal for users that have lost their original install media, have a malfunctioning optical drive, or don’t have network access to download a new version of the latest operating systems to perform another operating system installation.
Phoenix can also perform complete volume copies (clones) from one drive to another, but unlike volume copies done with Disk Utility, Phoenix can clone the volume to a drive of a smaller size, assuming enough free space is available. Because Phoenix doesn't do a block for block clone, but rather file by file clone, the resulting volume, when the cloning operation is complete is fully defragmented. There are, admittedly, other cloning tools on the market that are more elaborate and feature laden, but if the additional features are something you'll never need, why pay almost three times as much for them?  Click Here to Learn More...
SpotOff 2, When Spotlight Indexing Gets Out of Hand!
Does your laptop’s battery drain too quickly for what seems to be inexplicable reasons? Do applications slow down to a crawl or web access seems excessively slow at times? There's a good chance that there’s nothing wrong with your system, Spotlight and Time Machine are just doing their resource intensive mds indexing. If you have this problem, and we can tell you how to find out if you do, please read on to learn about SpotOff with Spot-O-Meter.
Not everyone will have this problem. Both Spotlight and Time Machine use a process named "mds", which stands for meta data server. When mds indexing occurs, it will use considerable CPU and I/O resources, effectively bottlenecking some systems. People that suffer from excessive mds indexing are typically users that periodically or frequently need to connect and disconnect other drives to their systems. This most often occurs with laptop users, but it can happen to anyone else as well. To find out if this is a problem, we offer our mds activity meter, Spot-O-Meter as free download. If Spot-O-Meter indicates that indexing is occurring at inconvenient times, you may find it useful to use SpotOff to control it.   Click Here to Learn More...
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Scannerz Lite, A Low Cost Option to Test Your Drive and System
Some people aren't interested in performing extensive tests on a system to determine whether or not they have problems. If problems exist, they would just prefer taking their system in for repairs by a professional. Unfortunately, such people may end up taking a unit in for servicing only after a possible disaster has occurred. With this consumer in mind, we developed Scannerz Lite.
Scannerz Lite is a much simpler, and lower cost version of Scannerz. Scannerz Lite uses the exact same drive, SSD, and system scanning engine as the fully featured version of Scannerz, but it lacks Scannerz diagnostics and analysis capabilities and add-on tools. If Scannerz Lite is used periodically, in most cases it will allow you to find problems that are in the early stages of development before disaster strikes. Why wait for a primary or backup drive to fail and possibly lose all your data if a periodic, simple test can identify developing problems?
Scannerz Lite is a simple "fire and forget" tool. You simply start a test on a system and when it's complete, it gives you a simple pass/fail status. Like Scannerz, Scannerz Lite allows tests to be stopped and resumed at a later day or time, allowing you to test at your convenience, rather than forcing you to tie your system up for hours on end.  Best of all, Scannerz Lite is very low cost.  Click Here to Learn More...