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Scannerz - For Finding Hard Drive, SSD, and System Problems

Problems with hard drives, SSDs, or their supporting system components can frequently be the cause of many malfunctions and performance problems. Scannerz is a set of software tools designed to identify and help isolate these types of problems. It's easy to use, but still remains the most advanced commercially available tool of this type available for Mac OS X systems. Why risk losing all your valuable data? If you suspect your hard drive, SSD, or system may have problems, or you want to be able to detect problems before they become serious, then Scannerz is the product you want. The full version of Scannerz also includes Performance Probe 2, Phoenix, and FSE or FSE-Lite. Learn more>

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ClearTime - The Ultimate Clock and Alarm Combination for Macs

Would you like a decent, configurable clock that can sit on your desktop without needing to move it out of the way to click on desktop icons underneath? Would you like an alarm to go off that grabs your attention instead of being presented with tons of other similar looking notifications and popups that make something important too easy to miss? ClearTime for Mac OS X was developed as a solution for all these problems. Interested? Learn more>

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Performance Probe 2 - To Help Isolate Performance Problems

Have you struggled with Activity Monitor when trying to find out where all the memory or CPU power is being used by your system? Does the system bog down for reasons that aren't known? Would you like to be able to quickly see how much memory an application is using in real time without needing to bring up a near full screen application like Activity Monitor? Performance Probe 2 was designed to make monitoring system problems easier by focusing only on the most active and resource intensive applications used in the system. Learn more>

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Phoenix - For Creating Boot Volumes and Doing Basic Cloning with File Recovery

It happens to everyone - the system that was working fine one day now won't boot. Be prepared with Phoenix. Phoenix can perform basic volume cloning with an option to recover and identify bad files on a drive. It can also create an emergency boot volume of the full, core operating system by extracting it from the drive without the need for install media or a network connection.  The newly created emergency drive can be used to re-install the OS, run tests on a system, or make any repairs needed to your system.  Learn more>

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FSE, for Isolating Malware, Intruders, and Bad Apps

Misbehaving applications, malware, and intruders leave their "fingerprints" on the file system. We offer FSE, the advanced file system events monitor to help you find the culprit. FSE is a user configurable file system events monitor intended for advanced users, system administrators, security personnel, and software developers. FSE allows a user to not only monitor all file system events, but can also target specific file system events such as system or application crashes, security problems, the causes of excessive file I/O, track and trace the source of malware, and a host of other tasks. Learn more>

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SpotOff 2 - When Spotlight Indexing Gets Out of Hand

Does your laptop's battery drain too quickly for what seem to be inexplicable reasons? Do applications slow down to a crawl or web access seems excessively slow at times? Odds are pretty good there's nothing wrong with your system, Spotlight and Time Machine are just doing their resource intensive mds indexing. SpotOff 2 with Spot-O-Meter 2 is an mds indexing controller and monitoring system for Mac OS X. SpotOff 2 can turn indexing on and off at will, and Spot-O-Meter can tell you when the system is indexing and how intense it is. Learn more>

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Visit Our How-To Section

We have web pages with articles about hard drive and SSD problems, performance problems, and other troubleshooting topics. This section of the site is often updated with new articles. Check back often for updates. Learn more>

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Get Help With Our Downloads

We have documents available on our products as well as other material that may be of help to you. The downloads are in PDF format and are free of charge. Learn more>


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Screenshots of Our Products

If you would like to see screenshots of our products, just click on the icon to the left. Each screenshot  includes a brief description of the application and what it's doing. All of our products still support Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) up through the latest version of OS X (now called macOS) using 32 or 64 bit Intel processors. Learn more>

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Scannerz, Scannerz Lite, FSE, FSE-Lite, Performance Probe 2, Phoenix, SpotOff, and Spot-O-Meter are Mac OS X universal binaries and support both 32 and 64 bit Intel based systems using Mac OS X versions 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite),  10.11 (El Capitan), and 10.12 (Sierra). Supported Intel based systems include all variants of the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini. 

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